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The quickest and easiest method to download videos or music from YouTube!

Browse Youtube, search for any video and with just one click you can download your favorite from YouTube at desired quality or you can save audio soundtrack from the video. There are a lot of apps for saving videos out there, but none are more easy to use or packed with features than our Free Downloader for YouTube!

get your video or music from youtubein 3 very easy steps

Search or browse all videos of YouTube, download and then enjoy wanted video or music from YouTube! Yes, it is that easy!


Browse or search YouTube videos and find desired one.


Download video or audio with just one click.


Just enjoy your downloaded video or music.

How To Download Videos from YouTubeSee the tutorial!

How To Download Videos from YouTube

A short tutorial about how to use Free Downloader for YouTube to save VIDEOS on your computer...
How To Download Music from YouTubeSee the tutorial!

How To Download Music from YouTube

A short tutorial about how to use Free Downloader for YouTube to save MUSIC on your computer...
How to use Free Downloader for YouTubeSee the tutorial!

How to use Free Downloader for YouTube

Do you want to know how to use Free Downloader for YouTube? Click here to see the tutorial!


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  • This is a fantastic app! Just what I was waiting for a long time. Thank you for making my life easier! Keep it up!
    Andrew Barnes // Atlanta, Georgia
  • I'm very happy with your great software. I have now an excellent collections of videos built from scratch and I'm 100% happy.
    Trey Smith // La Jolla, California
  • Excellent application. This free youtube downloader is very quick and the download quality is great. Many tks!
    John Lamar // London, UK


Plenty of reasons!

Asking yourself why do you need a downloader for YouTube videos and music? There are many reasons that comes around! Here are just a few examples: mobile devices, slow internet connection, HD videos, safety, modifications on downloaded videos, listen to music, DVDs... You can think about your reasons.

Reason #1

Wish to view the video on a mobile device or phone and you need the original to convert.

Reason #2

Have a slow-moving internet connection which produces buffering waits.

Reason #3

You're viewing HD video and that generates long delays while streaming video.

Reason #4

Want to make sure you have the video if it's removed or modified by YouTube or by the owner.

Reason #5

Need to modify a video by cutting parts you don’t want or add other parts.

Reason #6

You want to have the video on a DVD or just to watch it on a different player.


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